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An ultra – reliable, competively priced delivery service of the finest Office Fruit, Office Milk, Tea, Coffee, Bread,  Butter, Healthy Snacks, Breakfast items and more delivered to your office door!

National Coverage | Dedicated Account Manager | One Monthly Invoice

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Grocery Delivery Service for Offices
Manage Multiple Sites with One Account!

Looking for an easy and efficient way to manage grocery orders for multiple office sites? Our grocery delivery service can help! With our centralized account management system, you can easily oversee all your office sites and their grocery orders with just one account. Plus, our customizable service allows you to configure it to meet your specific needs, whether you want to administer orders centrally or authorize individuals at each site to place orders.

We understand that managing grocery orders can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. That’s why we’ve designed our service to be hassle-free and user-friendly, giving you more time to focus on other important aspects of your business. And with the added convenience of consolidated invoices and a dedicated account manager, you can rest assured that your grocery orders will be taken care of seamlessly and professionally.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple grocery orders for your office sites. Choose our grocery delivery service and experience the convenience and efficiency of a centralized account management system today!

Map of Grocery Deliveries

Local Office Milk

from 59p per pint - free delivery*

The Best Office Fruit

from £16.45 - national free delivery

Fresh Office Milk delivered staight to your office from a dairy near you, keeping food miles low! Available in Glass or Poly bottles.

Locally Sourced | Non Dairy Alternatives

Easy to eat Office Fruit from the UK’s office fruit delivery specialist – Eatfruit. Delivered as a one-off or on a regular basis.

Eco-friendly Packaging | Carbon Neutral Logistics

Eco Friendly

Everything we do has the environment in mind. Locally sourced produce, carbon neutral logistics, near zero waste


We try and run our business the right way. All our excess fruit is donated to local food banks and charities

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery* across mainland UK each weekday Monday to Friday

Wide Choice

Choose from our wide range of Office Fruit, Office Milk and Groceries.


A dedicated account manager assigned to your business. On hand to help ensure your office pantry always stays topped up!

It's easy to get started....

Step 1 : Say Hello!

E-mail, webchat or call us to set up your account or discuss your requirements

Step 2 : Quick Quote

We will e-mail you a competitive quote for all of your grocery supplies.

Step 3 : Set Up Your Order

We have no contracts, amend or cancel your orders at anytime, we appreciate a little notice to help prevent food waste.

Step 4 : Let Your Team Enjoy!

We deliver straight to your offices Monday to Friday each week. Set up orders daily, weekly or fortnightly.

All Your Groceries in One Place

Milk, Fruit and Grocery deliveries are often overlooked by organisations as part of there purchasing decisions as they are often deemed as relatively low cost purchases. However when you look at the level of consumption, and time taken to administer grocery orders in the workplace it is clear that many companies would benefit from a streamlined solution. Here in the UK we eat lots of fruit in our offices. The UK alone eats a staggering 5 billion Bananas and half a billion Apples per a year. This is of course why Groceries for the Office exists. We help make the process simpler, quicker and more transparent allowing you more time to, well make a cup of tea and drink one of the 100 million cups of tea drunk in Britain each day!

Choose from a wide range of leading brands from favourites such as Yorkshire Tea and Kenco Coffee to specialist coffee roasters such as Jaspers Coffee.

Healthy Snacks for the Office
Kenco Coffee Office Size
Yorkshire Tea Big Bag
Sugar Sachets
Coffee for the Office
Why Groceries for the Office?

dedicated account management

When you set up your account we will introduce you to your personal account manager whom is on hand to help ensure everything runs smoothly.


Doing things the right way is core to the way Groceris for the Office operates. Everything from the carbon neutral cardboard we use,  keeping food miles low.


We donate all of our graded out fruit to local food banks and charities.


National Deliveries

We deliver to all major towns and cities throughout the UK from London to Manchester, Perth to Plymouth!


We specialise in delivering office fruit, milk and groceries across your oganisation. Reducing your administration whilst saving you money.

Monthly Invoices

Recieve your invoices how you want them. We can consolidate for all sites or offer invoices per site.

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